Young People Read Old SFF

Young People Read Old Hugo Finalists

James Davis Nicoll

Young People Read Old SFF

26 Jan, 2021

Another year, another new Young People Read Old SFF project. This time I will exposing my youthful volunteers to the Hugo Finalists of Yore, specifically the finalists for Best Short Story, starting with a story from 19561! The Hugo Awards reward the best SFF of their time, as chosen by the members of WorldCons through the centuries. How much fun we will have discovering how effectively Hugo finalists have kept their luster!

If you are 30 years of age or younger and you would like to take part in this phase of Young People Read Old SFF, please send email to jdnicoll at panix dot com. If you are already a contributor to Young People, you are welcome to keep contributing regardless of age issues. After all, I let me post.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with the Hugo Awards aside from being an occasional finalist, and my only connection to this year’s awards, thus far, is my membership in DisCon III. Speaking of DisCon III, they just opened Hugo nominations. To quote:

All CoNZealand members and DisCon III members who registered before
11:59 p.m. Pacific Time (PST) December 31, 2020, are eligible to

As I understand it, joining now will allow you to select a winner from the finalists. You can be part of a tradition older than living memory2. As well, previous years have offered members samples of nominated works. One hopes that will be the case this year as well.

1: Because 1955’s Allamagoosa” was the subject of a previous YPROSFF review.

2: My living memory, anyway.