Young People Read Old SFF

Young People Read Old Science Fiction: Rediscovery!

James Nicoll

The next phase of Young People Read Old Science Fiction focuses on a single reference text, Journey Press’s upcoming Rediscovery: Science Fiction by Women (1958 – 1963) (Available August 30th). To quote from Journey Press’ site:

The Silver Age of Science Fiction saw a wealth of compelling speculative tales — and women authors wrote some of the best of the best. Yet the stories of this era, especially those by women, have been largely unreprinted, unrepresented, and unremembered.
Until now.
Volume one of REDISCOVERY represents a historic first: fourteen selections of the best science fiction of the Silver Age, written by the unsung women authors of yesteryear and introduced by today’s rising stars. Join us and rediscover these lost treasures.
“Female authors wrote stories about coming of age…cautionary tales…stories set beyond our universe… You’ll find these themes and more in this anthology. I hope that as you read their stories you don’t try to ferret out ‘feminine’ versus ‘masculine’ elements. What you are about to read is really good science fiction, plain and simple. I certainly enjoyed the journey and have every expectation that you shall, too.” -from the Foreword by Dr. Laura Brodian Freas Beraha

Stories featured in the anthology:

“Unhuman Sacrifice” (1958) by Katherine MacLean

“Wish Upon a Star” (1958) by Judith Merril

“A Matter of Proportion” (1959) by Anne Walker

“The White Pony” (1960) by Jane Rice

“Step IV” (1960) by Rosel George Brown

“Of All Possible Worlds (1961) by Rosel George Brown

“Satisfaction Guaranteed” (1961) by Joy Leache

“The Deer Park” (1962) by Maria Russell

“To Lift a Ship” (1962) by Kit Reed

“The Putnam Tradition” (1963) by Sonya Hess Dorman

“The Pleiades” (1963) by Otis Kidwell Burger

“No Trading Voyage” (1963) by Doris Pitkin Buck

“Cornie on the Walls” (1963) by Sidney van Scyoc

“Unwillingly to School” (1958) by Pauline Ashwell

I am looking for reviewers born after about 1980. The deadline for application is September 1st, with a target date for the inaugural Young People Read Old Science Fiction: Rediscovery! post of October 1. If you are interested, please contact me at jdnicoll at panix dot com.

Where previous phases have involved each contributor working on their own, this chapter will feature a round table approach. Each contributor will be provided by me with a copy of the ebook.


  • Zxhrue

    seems to be a discrepency or a typo between your initial teaser announcement wherein you indicated that the target reviewer dob was post 1990ish, and this page which solicits post 1980ish individuals. I mean, I know 60 is the new 30 and all, but is it 40 yr olds you're looking for, or 30 yr olds?

  • James Davis Nicoll

    I meant 1980. 1990 is a typo.

  • Gideon Marcus

    We're actually launching the book on August 30. :) Just one week away...

  • JVjr

    Great to see 38 is the new young! (Or possibly not, as that makes me feel really old now.)

  • JVjr

    Great to see 38 is the new young! (Or possibly not, as that makes me feel really old now.)